Harness the full potential of optical fibers

increase capacity of fibers image

bandwidth increase

saving money image

3x less expensive

easy to deploy image

Installation in 3 hours
vs days for new fibers

AROONA rack image

AROONA series enable a flexible and progressive capacity increase of the network to high broadband and ensure the sustainability of the infrastructure without changing fiber.


Up to x400 capacity increase over point to point multi-mode fiber links.


Up to 6 multimodes fiber pairs at 10+Gb/s over your cabling infrastructure


Passive Optical LAN deployment for network renovations, without changing existing fibers.

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CAILabs is a leading provider of innovative solutions to increase the capacity of optical fibers. We develop and manufacture a large range of light shaping components based on our patented, efficient and flexible technology of Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC).

Worldwide telecommunication manufacturers and providers, such as Nokia, Cisco, Huawei and KDDI, trust our products to upgrade today’s network infrastructure and create the networks of tomorrow. At CAILabs, we help you make the most of your optical fibers.