CAILabs is a French, deep tech start-up based in Rennes, providing photonic solutions to harness the full potential of optical fibers. CAILabs develops and produces a large range of light shaping components through our patented, efficient and flexible Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology (MPLC).

The founders

Jean-François Morizur

Guillaume Labroille

Nicolas Treps
Scientific Advisor

The investors

During its creation in 2013, CAILabs was supported by the seed funds of Innovacom, which specializes in cutting-edge technology as well as by a small group of entrepreneurs.

Since 2013, CAILabs has raised 8.6 million euros through the equity funds of Innovacom, Kima Ventures, Safran Corporate Ventures, Starquest Capital and business angels.

The technology

CAILabs’ Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) Technology allows flexible and complete light reshaping with very limited losses.

Multi-Plane Light Conversion was originally invented for multimode quantum optics, where conversion of spatial modes without loss is a key element.

MPLC is based upon a succession of transverse phase profiles, similar to very complex lenses, separated by a specific propagation distance. MPLC is a process with limited loss which allows for the combination as well the reshaping of multiple light beams. The optical and thus passive nature of MPLC creates a strong and reliable solution in relation to its active components.

CAILabs’ unique technology, born out of the team’s combined expertise in optics, reduces the number of phase profiles to a manageable level and allows for the integration of the transformation in a compact package.

The team

Fundamental innovations in optics are rare but make a lasting impact.

At CAILabs, we are a dynamic and passionate team, united through a common goal: resolving the problems of our partners by using Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology (MPLC).

CAILabs’ technical skills are based upon the efforts of more than 10 doctors in physics. In addition, it is through the past experiences of the big names of optics and new technologies (Huawei, Keopsys, Manlight, Quantel, Photonetics, etc.) that CAILabs has become an industry expert.

We believe that our combined knowledge provides essential photonic solutions to today’s industrial challenges.

CAILabs’ other product lines


The PROTEUS series is CAILabs’ first family of products, designed to support telecom R&D teams in their efforts to invent the network of tomorrow.

PROTEUS enables the reshaping of multiple signals from standard fibers to any output. Its high flexibility and optical performances make it a building block for creating future, ultra-high capacity optical components and networks.

More about PROTEUS


CANUNDA is a laser beam shaping and combining system designed to improve the productivity of industrial laser machining systems.

CANUNDA allows the shaping and combination of most lasers with a maximized depth of field at power levels up to 10 kW. The complexity of the CANUNDA formatting and the low transmission losses constitute a considerable advance for laser material processes.

More about CANUNDA


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