Up to x400 capacity increase for multi-mode fiber, without changing fiber.

AROONA-P2P transforms any multi-mode point to point optical fiber link of less than 10 km:

• Varying range depending on the length of the link
• One device at each end of the link

illustration aroona p2p upgrade


AROONA-P2P Illustration

”For many years, we were dealing with bottlenecks over several fiber links within our network. We considered deploying new single-mode fibers, but costs were prohibitive given the location of our buildings in the city center. AROONA was therefore the ideal solution to our problem, it was a real bonus for us.”
Jean-Paul Genevoix
IT Manager of the Urban Community of Alençon.

Read the Urban Community of Alençon case study

”Despite the distance and connection between old generation OM1 fibers over 3.3 km, we now have several links at 10 Gb/s at up to 3200 m of altitude thanks to AROONA. It’s allowed us to provide new digital services to our customers and colleagues. To sum up, it is a successful encounter between high mountains and high technology.” Patrick Jullian
Network administrator Deux Alpes Loisirs

Read the Deux Alpes Loisirs case study

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