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Up to x400 capacity increase for multi-mode fiber, without changing fiber.

AROONA-P2P transforms a point to point multi-mode fiber link in 4 independent high throughput channels of 10 Gb/s up to 10km.

– 4 independent parallel channels at 10 Gb/s over a pair of fibers, up to 10 km

– Different range depending on the length of the link

– One equipment on both ends of the link


« We have been confronted for many years to bottlenecks over several fiber links. Therefore Aroona-P2P is the ideal solution to our problem, it has been a real boon for us. » Jean-Paul Genevoix, IT department manager of the Urban Community of Alençon.

Learn more about this deployment and other AROONA case studies

Contact us to modernize your infrastructure with AROONA-P2P!

The need of high bandwidth in LAN is a repeated issue for the IT System Director. Watch the video and see how AROONA-P2P can easily upgrade the capacity of your LAN and make your network infrastructure last.


AROONA-P2P in the mountains

Delivering broadband connection up to the top of ski slopes, without deploying a new fiber, is possible!

AROONA-P2P adapts to specific contraints of fiber networks in mountain environment. Discover how to modernize the IT system in ski stations, up to the top of ski slopes, transmitting up to 4 x 10 Gb/s across multi-mode cables already deployed alongside ski lifts!

Contact ALP’COM, networks and telecoms subsidiary of Access Group, to support the modernization of your station with AROONA-P2P!



Technical details

The technology of the solution is based on the use of the spatial modes of multi-mode fibers to exceed their standard limits. Thus, it allows to deliver high throughput while keeping the same optical fibers.