10 Gb/s transmissions and more over a multi-mode infrastructure.

AROONA-STAR by CAILabs offers a solution to transmit throughputs of 10 Gb/s or more over multi-mode fiber links, without changing existing fibers.

• Up to 6 multi-mode fiber pairs upgraded simultaneously
10+ Gb/s duplex links over each fiber pair
• Only one system required in the core network if the links are < 800m
• One REACH EXTENDER equipment required at the remote site if links are >800m

AROONA-STAR Illustration


AROONA-STAR Illustration

The Stuttgart School District wishes to upgrade its entire network to 10 Gb/s in order to provide greater bandwidth capacity for ever increasing numbers of network connected devices. This will help improve delivery of instructional and administrative information to students, teachers and staff. Discover how AROONA was the most relevant solution for this school district.

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Regardless of the network topology (star or point to point), AROONA-STAR allows to transmit throughputs of 10 Gb/s or more over 6 multi-mode fiber links, without changing fiber, and thus optimizes required investments for high broadband migration. AROONA-STAR offers an affordable and flexible solution that reduces the costs of cabling modernization in order to support traffic evolutions over a network.

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