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Ski resort Les Deux Alpes

«Our goal was to deliver high broadband connection up to the top of ski slopes. Despite the distance and the connection between old generation OM1 fibers over 3.3 km, we enjoy now several links at 10 Gb/s up to 3200 m of altitude thanks to Aroona. It allows us to offer new digital services to our customers and colleagues. Without this technology, a fiber deployment in the mountains would have been very long and costly. To sum up, it is a successful encounter between high mountains and high technology.»

Patrick Jullian, network administrator, Deux Alpes Loisirs

Urban Community of Alençon

«We have been confronted for many years to bottlenecks over several fiber links in our network. We considered deploying new single-mode fibers, but the costs were prohibitive given the location of our buildings in the city center. Therefore Aroona is the ideal solution for our problem, it is a real boon for us. Moreover the fast installation over our production fibers is a real advantage, it minimizes the impact over administration services of the city.»

Jean-Paul Genevoix, IT department manager of the Urban Community of Alençon.


« Aroona-POL enables the Passive Optical LAN solution on existing multi-mode fibers. It avoids the risks and costs of recabling with new single-mode cables. The POL becomes suitable for network renovation projects using existing cables. I am highly satisfied with the deployment provided by CAILabs on our client’s premises. »

Xavier Laureaux, network architect at IBM France.

Hospital Center of Provins

« We have many bandwidth-consuming services in the hospital, such as medical imaging service. Aroona is a very good alternative to installing new optical fibers in cases where we are limited to 100 Mb/s due to the existing multi-mode fiber. The fast installation of Aroona represents a significant gain in time and money. I would recommend this solution to other IT colleagues who meet this problem of increasing need in bandwidth in their LAN. »

Christian Sarazin, IT department manager, Hospital center of Provins.

Ouest France

« Being able to transform an old multi-mode fiber into a fiber capable of transmitting 4×10 Gb/s is very innovative… and economically very relevant for fibers longer than 250 m. In particular, one has to keep in mind that the complexity of fiber deployment not only depends on fiber length, but also on the accessibility and availability of the cable ducts. Moreover, Aroona is completely passive, therefore the risk of breakdown is very low. »

Thierry Pimont, Network manager, Ouest France.

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