An innovative LAN in public establishments with AROONA

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With the increase in work stations and the widespread use of Wi-Fi, creating more reliable and sustainable networks has become a priority for public and governmental establishments. In addition, data storage and the use of collaborative tools requires putting applications on the cloud in order to work more efficiently.

In order to support these changes in bandwidth consumption, these establishments often must renovate their LAN in order to increase throughput capacity.

However, old generation multi-mode fibers do not support capacity of more than 1Gb/s or even 100Mb/s even though an upgrade to 10Gb/s is necessary for transporting large volume data. Deploying new optical fibers is typically synonymous with complex and costly work in which authorization requests are often necessary. The process may prove particularly long for listed buildings.

• Installing AROONA is quick (3 hours)
• AROONA allows the length of the project to be shortened while avoiding authorization requests
• The existing infrastructure is preserved and able to transmit large volume data over high-capacity links thanks to AROONA

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